Saturday, June 4, 2011

Early in the morning...

The wargames room is still empty

Zinnfiguren Schilling are building their stand

One night and FIGZ starts!

While I'm writing this FIGZ is only a few hours away. It looks like it's going to be a great day. Yesterday Hans Slaager prepared his Cambrai diorama and Martin Ederveen his shop ( Later this evening Jörg and Ulrike Schilling from Zinnfiguren Schilling showed up. They are sleeping in their van outside now haha. Me and my dad also hung up all the roadsigns this evening. If you drive to Goor you can't miss them!

You can also download the floor plans:

Café-Restaurant Jachtlust
Markeloseweg 80
7471JG Goor, Nederland 

Open from 10:00h until 17:00h.
Entrance and parking is free!
Food and beverages are available at FIGZ.

I hope to see you all at FIGZ today! :-D

Hans, Martin and my dad preparing the Cambrai diorama

FIGZ roadsigns

My dad hanging one of the roadsigns

Saturday, May 28, 2011

FIGZ: only one week left!

Part of one of the three rooms

Only seven days left until FIGZ 2011! I'm very excited, what about you? :-D

Last week I prepared one of the three rooms and realized it's really going to be big! Definitely the largest 1/72 scale and smaller event ever organized in the Netherlands!

Yesterday the eight wargame demo was confirmed. Bert van Hal and Henri Anemaat from wargame club Militia Brabantia (link) will play a 15mm American Cival war demo using the Fire & Fury ruleset. An impressive wargame of 2.40x1.80 metres!

Maurice Bos (link) and Johan van Ooij (link) have been added to the Bring & Show list. Both will bring some of their work to show at FIGZ.

Here's the full list of activities so far:

Traders (link)
Toys & More by Winterkamp (link)
Fredericus Rex (link)
Zinnfiguren Schilling (link)
Karwansaray Publishers - publisher of the following magazines: Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (link), Ancient Warfare (linkand Medieval Warfare (link)

Alde Garde (link) - 1760: a fictitious battle in India 
Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Cap'n Chaos and the curse of the Vlaaiing Dutchman
Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Wild West Shoot Out
Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Napoleonic battle
De Achterhoede (link) - Italian-Turkish war in Libia (1912)
Rene van den Assem & Erik Stekelenburg - The Great War
Murphy's Heroes (link) - Pike & Shot
Militia Brabantia (link) - Fire & Fury

Bring & Show
Paul Hedges (link)
Peter Bonami (link)
Dirk Scherlatzik (link)
Jan Marschner (link)
Florian Ludloff (link 1) (link 2)
Tom Russell
Konrad Schlangen
Maurice Bos (link)
Johan van Ooij (link)

Battle of Cambrai 1917 (link)
Waterloo Grande Batterie (link)
D-Day (link)
Brecourt (link)

Building terrain
Casting figures
Making moulds
Painting figures

Painting try-out Project Airfix

Painting competition

Read more about each activity here:


Friday, May 20, 2011

Five more wargames at FIGZ!

Wild West Shoot Out

Five more wargames have been added to our list of activities, making a total of seven wargames that are present at FIGZ! These wargames are new:

Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Wild West Shoot Out
An impressive 1/72 scale wargame with a complete Wild West town!

Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Napoleonic battle
A Napoleonic wargame with over more than 1500 1/72 scale figures!

De Achterhoede - Italian-Turkish war in Libia (1912)
Wargame club "de Achterhoede" plays a fictive skirmish in the 1912 Italian-Turkish war in Libia. The figures are 15mm and the rules are homebrew (baded on Fire & Fury).

Rene van den Assem & Erik Stekelenburg - The Great War
A WW1 wargame with 1/72 figures.

Murphy's Heroes - Pike & Shot
Thirty Years war and Eighty Years war in 10mm.

Click here to see our full list of activities.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Nappie in Paris

Nappie went on a small holiday to Paris last week and me and my girlfriend were lucky enough to go with him! We had a great week with good weather. :-) Here are some photos we made of Nappie in Paris:

At the Arc d'Triomphe!

View from Tour Montparnasse

With the Paris Meridian at the Louvre

Hôtel des Invalides (French Army museum)

They heard Nappie was visiting so they quickly
assembled a welcoming committee

He looks familiar!

Clothes worn by Napoleon

Ain't they gangstah?

Nappie was hiding in a gun barrel

Me with Nappie!

Where to go next?

A blurry pic with the Eifel Tower

 Now I'm back I'll get busy with FIGZ again (in between work, school and my girlfriend). ;-P

Cheers for looking!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magazines, miniatures & workshops!

Hi all!

I'm going on vacation to Paris again this week but before I'm going I wanted to share some more updates on the FIGZ event!

The following three magazines will be available from Karwansaray Publishers at FIGZ:
- Ancient Warfare
- Medieval Warfare
- Wargames Soldiers & Strategy
These are high quality magazines so be sure to check these out!

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy

Konrad Schlangen and Florian from Wikingpaintworks (website | blog) will show some of their work. Beside showing his figures, Florian will also show you how he paints his miniatures.

Schilling Zinnfiguren will give a workshop casting figures and making your own silicon moulds with a new method where the silicon mould is vulcanized under pressure and heat. Definitely interesting for those who want to cast their own figures! :-D

If this isn't enough... there will be another workshop by Sven. In his workshop he'll show people how he builds terrain.

All these updates will appear on the FIGZ website next weekend. :-)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

German translations

Markus Schenk was so kind to correct all German translations on the German language website! It seems the texts provided by Google Translator weren't that good... :-P All German texts on the website have been corrected.

Thanks Markus!