Monday, May 9, 2011

Nappie in Paris

Nappie went on a small holiday to Paris last week and me and my girlfriend were lucky enough to go with him! We had a great week with good weather. :-) Here are some photos we made of Nappie in Paris:

At the Arc d'Triomphe!

View from Tour Montparnasse

With the Paris Meridian at the Louvre

Hôtel des Invalides (French Army museum)

They heard Nappie was visiting so they quickly
assembled a welcoming committee

He looks familiar!

Clothes worn by Napoleon

Ain't they gangstah?

Nappie was hiding in a gun barrel

Me with Nappie!

Where to go next?

A blurry pic with the Eifel Tower

 Now I'm back I'll get busy with FIGZ again (in between work, school and my girlfriend). ;-P

Cheers for looking!


  1. Looks like you had a nice trip :)

  2. Very nice photos.

    Greetings Günther

  3. And they say I´m crazy!!!Not only taking a small cut out Napoleon with you on Holiday but adding it to the holiday shots!!
    Did you get my champagne this time? :-D
    See you soon

  4. Last time you forgot him, so I'm pleased to see you didn't this time. ;-)

    Nice pictures, and it looks you had a good time (I hope your GF to :-D)

    @Paul: do we have champagne at the meeting? That sounds nice ;-D


  5. Only if Benno didn´t forget it :-D

  6. That funny little fellow gets about a bit....and so does Nappie!Looks like you had fun in gay pariee!

    Cheers Rich.