Saturday, May 28, 2011

FIGZ: only one week left!

Part of one of the three rooms

Only seven days left until FIGZ 2011! I'm very excited, what about you? :-D

Last week I prepared one of the three rooms and realized it's really going to be big! Definitely the largest 1/72 scale and smaller event ever organized in the Netherlands!

Yesterday the eight wargame demo was confirmed. Bert van Hal and Henri Anemaat from wargame club Militia Brabantia (link) will play a 15mm American Cival war demo using the Fire & Fury ruleset. An impressive wargame of 2.40x1.80 metres!

Maurice Bos (link) and Johan van Ooij (link) have been added to the Bring & Show list. Both will bring some of their work to show at FIGZ.

Here's the full list of activities so far:

Traders (link)
Toys & More by Winterkamp (link)
Fredericus Rex (link)
Zinnfiguren Schilling (link)
Karwansaray Publishers - publisher of the following magazines: Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (link), Ancient Warfare (linkand Medieval Warfare (link)

Alde Garde (link) - 1760: a fictitious battle in India 
Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Cap'n Chaos and the curse of the Vlaaiing Dutchman
Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Wild West Shoot Out
Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Napoleonic battle
De Achterhoede (link) - Italian-Turkish war in Libia (1912)
Rene van den Assem & Erik Stekelenburg - The Great War
Murphy's Heroes (link) - Pike & Shot
Militia Brabantia (link) - Fire & Fury

Bring & Show
Paul Hedges (link)
Peter Bonami (link)
Dirk Scherlatzik (link)
Jan Marschner (link)
Florian Ludloff (link 1) (link 2)
Tom Russell
Konrad Schlangen
Maurice Bos (link)
Johan van Ooij (link)

Battle of Cambrai 1917 (link)
Waterloo Grande Batterie (link)
D-Day (link)
Brecourt (link)

Building terrain
Casting figures
Making moulds
Painting figures

Painting try-out Project Airfix

Painting competition

Read more about each activity here:



  1. You know you keep writing "free entrance" ?
    Does that mean I can take the doors home with me?
    I´m looking forward to this :-D

  2. One of the three rooms? Is that the one for Paul and me? And the two others are they big enough for the others? :-D

    It looks great Benno! See you next week ;-)


  3. Haha, that's a stupid mistake. :-P It seems my English isn't that good after all.