Friday, May 20, 2011

Five more wargames at FIGZ!

Wild West Shoot Out

Five more wargames have been added to our list of activities, making a total of seven wargames that are present at FIGZ! These wargames are new:

Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Wild West Shoot Out
An impressive 1/72 scale wargame with a complete Wild West town!

Wargaming Club Niederrhein - Napoleonic battle
A Napoleonic wargame with over more than 1500 1/72 scale figures!

De Achterhoede - Italian-Turkish war in Libia (1912)
Wargame club "de Achterhoede" plays a fictive skirmish in the 1912 Italian-Turkish war in Libia. The figures are 15mm and the rules are homebrew (baded on Fire & Fury).

Rene van den Assem & Erik Stekelenburg - The Great War
A WW1 wargame with 1/72 figures.

Murphy's Heroes - Pike & Shot
Thirty Years war and Eighty Years war in 10mm.

Click here to see our full list of activities.


  1. This is something that started as a small meeting, and now becomes to be a huge party!
    Can't wait to be there ;-)


  2. Sounds like you are going to be putting on a good show!

  3. @kingsleypark:
    We hope so! :-D

    We can't wait for your surpris... eh... for YOU to be there either. ;-P

    There might be another wargame present... if we find room for it.

  4. I will, I will :-D


  5. Time for a update...

    How about to tell where you can find the pictures, and the date for 2012